Re-voting on Bintan added three polling stations

Antara News
Fecha de publicación: 
21 Abr 2019

The number of polling stations (TPS) in re-voting in Bintan district, Riau Islands province is increased to four  from three previously.

Chairman of the Bintan District Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu)   Febriadinata, in Bintan, Sunday, said the initial voting was at TPS 02 Ekang Village Anculai, District Teluk Bintan, and the number has been raised by three in  Kijang Kota Sub-District, East Bintan District.

Febriadinata,said the sub-district election  supervisory committee (Panwascam) found an error, so that he recommended the Bintan District Election Commission (KPU) to carry out  re-voting.

Panwascam found people who did not meet the requirements as voters voting for presidential and vice presidential candidates. In TPS 02, Ekang Anculai Village.

"There are three re-voting at  polling station 12, polling station 13 and polling station 73 in Kijang Kota Village, Bintan Subdistrict, because it was found that nine people did not meet the requirements for voting, "he said.

In addition, he said, the Bintan KPU stipulated further voting. Further voting for the selection of Bintan District DPRD in District 2 in Tambelan Subdistrict namely Kukup Village is in TPS 2 and 3, and Pengikik Village in TPS 1.

Further voting is carried out because the ballots in the three polling stations are exchanged. The ballots exchanged at the three polling stations occurred due to negligence of officers since packing the electoral logistics before being transported by boat to Tambelan.

"We have reminded to ensure that all election logistics are not exchanged and are safe. KPU Bintan officers are safe, then logistics is transported to Tambelan, " he said.

Eliswan Azly