Negri govt stays neutral in chieftain tussle

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07 Jun 2016

The state government has not lent support to any indivi­dual to become the next Undang of Jelebu – one of the four most powerful chieftains in Negri Sembilan, among those who are responsible for electing the state’s ruler.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Moha­mad Hasan said that anyone claiming to have his support or that of his administration to become the next Undang of Jelebu was telling a lie.

“The state government does not get involved in such matters. Dis­putes on this can only be decided by the Dewan Keadilan dan Undang,” he said.

The Dewan Keadilan dan Undang is chaired by Negri Ruler Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir and its members include the four chieftains.


The Undang of Jelebu post be­came vacant in September 2014 following the death of its previous holder Datuk Musa Wahab.

Three groups have since been jostling for the coveted post.

On April 8, one group named its candidate as the 16th Undang of Jelebu.

The following day, a second group challenged this, adding that the appointment by the first group had contravened the traditions and customs and the appointment of the Undang.

The group then proposed its own candidate for the post.

On Sunday, a third group conducted a ceremony to name its choice of candidate.

Mohamad warned those with vested interests not to drag the state government into the matter.

“We have locked the Balai Undang Jelebu to prevent anyone from using it for personal gain.

“No one is allowed to use it as the Balai is only for official use by those legitimately appointed,” he said.

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