Al Tagammu excludes approach to Al Nour ahead of municipal elections

Egypt Today
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21 Mayo 2018

Al Tagammu Party praised Sunday the suggested idea of launching alliances between political parties ahead of the coming municipal elections. However, the leftist party asserted that it will not join any alliance that includes Al Nour Salafi Party. 

Al Tagammu Spokesperson, Nabil Zaki, told Egypt Today that the party’s policy rejects any alliances or cooperation with a party based on religious concepts. Zaki added that upcoming municipal elections will not witness any cooperation between Al Tagammu and Al Nour Party. 

Zaki claimed that Al Nour Party took advantage of its membership in the constitution committee to revoke the clause that prohibits the existence of parties based on religious concepts. Al Tagammu Spokesperson said that religious parties do not differ from parties based on religious ground. 

“Religion has been used by some parties on the political arena since 1928, the year the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood came into existence, in a way that threatens the national peace,” continued Zaki. 

“Al Nour Party is as dangerous to the society as the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, this can be easily spotted on several extreme Fatwas issued by preachers who belong to the Salafi party,” said Zaki to Egypt Today. 

Zaki said that the party keeps a list of leftist and liberal parties that can have an alliance with Al Tagammu. Those parties adopt an agenda that roots for improvement in education and social justice, according to Zaki. 

The Egyptian municipal elections are scheduled to kick off by the end of the year 2018, according to the House Spokesperson, Ali Abdel Aal.

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