Shuwail flies to Benghazi as Congress cancels session over bomb blast

Libya Herald
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13 Mayo 2013

Interior Minister Ashour Shuwail has been sent by the Prime Minister to Benghazi this evening to head the investigation into the car bomb outside the city’s Al-Jalaa hospital which, according to officials, killed three people.  He is accompanied by a number of other ministers.

Locals put the figure at between 13 and 17, with 20 injured.

The head of the General National Congress, Mohamed Magrief, meanwhile announced that tomorrow’s session is suspended to enable members representing Benghazi and others to attend the funeral.

The bomb blast was described by Ali Zeidan as a “criminal act” aimed at destabilising Libya at a time when the political situation was fragile. He called on Libyans to stand united alongside the government and Congress to overcome the challenges.

Hundreds of angry Benghazi people demonstrated this evening condemning the blast as a terrorist attack aimed at destroying security and life in the city.

There was a demonstration too in Tripoli’s Algeria Square. Protestors carred placards saying “Where is the Libyan army?” and “With our souls and blood, we will defend you, Benghazi”.

In Benghazi, army units have been ordered by the Chief of Staff, Major General Yousef Mangoush to patrol the streets in support of  Interior Ministry’s security units.

A General Staff statement said that the army would work together with the Interior Ministry to try and capture the perpetrators of the attack.


Ahmed Elumami.