Supreme Judicial Council get new president

Libya Herald
Fecha de publicación: 
12 Jun 2013

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) elected a new president and a deputy this morning at its Zawiat Al-Dahmani headquarters on Tripoli’s Corniche.

Taking over is the head of the Tripoli Appeals Court, Ali Mawloud Hafida, Abdelfattah Hussein Sussi. The head of Benghazi’s Appeals Court, was elected deputy chairman.

The former head of the council, Kamal Dahan, told the Libya News Agency LANA, that it was the first time votes were cast using a ballot box to elect the chairmanship, making the council fully compliant with the law. However, the posts of Attorney General and Head of the Judicial Inspection Department were not part of the new elective system, and would be by appointment.

The SCJ had previously vetted a number of interested candidates, all of them currently members of the judiciary, but only four candidate files were referred to the General National Congress (GNC) for consideration. According to the Ministry of Justice, the remaining candidates did not have the required documentation needed for the vetting process as stipulated by law no. 13 of 2013, the political isolation law.


Nihal Zaroug