01 Dic 2012

From Inter-Parliamentary Union entry on these elections:

"A Constitutional Court decision in June 2012 triggered the second parliamentary elections in 2012. The Court invalidated two decrees issued by the Emir in December 2011, which had dissolved the legislature and called new elections for February 2012. 

Opposition forces boycotted the December 2012 elections in protest against changes to the electoral law, which they believed would favour pro-government candidates. The government argued the changes would ensure a fairer representation of the people in parliament (see note). 

Turnout dropped sharply from 60 per cent in the February 2012 polls to 39 per cent. Sunni candidates saw their share of seats reduced from 23 to 7 while the number of Shiite members increased from 7 to 15 (Shiites make up around 30 per cent of the population). Three women were elected."