Egypt President Morsi upholds list of new Shura Council members

Ahram Online
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21 Dic 2012

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi upheld a list of 90 members that shall be appointed to the Shura Council – the upper house of parliament, reports state news agency MENA on Friday.

The names of the new 90 members have yet to be announced but MENA said 75 per cent of the members are not from the Islamist current.

According to the same report, 12 of the 90 members are Copts.

Seventeen political parties and Al-Azar, the highest Islamic authority, are also represented in the list.

Shura Council polls took place last winter following elections for the People's Assembly, the lower house that was dissolved in June after the court ordered declared the parliamentary elections unconstitutional.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the group President Morsi hails from, is holding the majority of the Shura Council seats.