Kurdish zone won’t take part in election

The Daily Star Lebanon
Fecha de publicación: 
30 Mayo 2014

An official from the Kurdish zone Thursday said the regime would not set up polling stations in “Syrian Kurdistan.”

Ilham Ahmad, from the Democratic Society Movement, said Kurdish groups would deal only with “powers that recognize” their rights, according to the Kurdnet news site.

Ahmad, whose party is one of a half-dozen that rule the self-rule zone along the Turkish border, was asked about the poll, expected to be won by President Bashar Assad.

Citing Ahmad, the report said that “the Kurds will not view the elections as legitimate and will not allow the regime to open polling stations in any areas under Kurdish control.”

Observers believe the government will manage to distribute ballot boxes in parts of the cities of Hassakeh and Qamishli, where it retains a partial presence.