MP Fatlawi demands action to stop US Congress resolution

Fecha de publicación: 
30 Abr 2015

Baghdad – On Tuesday evening, the head of Irada Movement, MP Hanan al-Fatlawi called on the Iraqi government to act to stop the US House of Representatives’ vote on a law dealing with the Sunnis and the Kurdish Peshmerga as “two separate entities.”

Fatlawi said in a statement received by, “US House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on a law dealing with the Sunnis and Peshmerga in Iraq as two states,” adding that, “This means applying the Biden’s project through an American resolution amid Iraqi submission.”

Fatlawi wondered, “Where is the Iraqi government? Will we be silent about this farce?,” pointing out that, “The government must move diplomacy to stop this farce, and if it does not stop it, I demand the expulsion of the US ambassador to Iraq and closing the US embassy in Baghdad.”

Fatlawi considered such a law as interference in Iraqi affairs and a division of Iraq, “No country has the right to pass such a law.”

It is noteworthy that US Vice President Joe Biden confirmed in June 2013, that the establishment of the three regions (Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish) is an “urgent and necessary” option to contain the crisis in Iraq.