Nujaifi: The Election's Results Will Make Progress

National Iraqi News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
21 Feb 2018

Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi said that the results of the elections will make a progress can be touched by the citizens and make the most of the international openness to Iraq and the desire to overcome the bottlenecks caused by the war against terrorism and the victory of the Iraqis.

This came during his meeting today with the Greek Ambassador to Iraq Leonidas B. Contonofesios, where they discussed a number of files, including the Iraqi election file, the Kuwait conference and the investment file, as well as the political situation and the situation in the city of Mosul.

Al-Nujaifi stressed, according to his media office, the importance of providing the appropriate environment for citizens to express their will freely and that the electoral process be subject to international monitoring so that the results to be fair and free of any suspicion.

On the subject of investment, Nujaifi stressed the importance of investment to address the economic situation, expressing his hope to provide the required requirements for success through addressing the security situation and fighting corruption.

On the desire of the Greek ambassador to visit the city of Mosul, Nujaifi explained that "many ambassadors visited the city of Mosul and saw the conditions, and Mosul looks to the help from the world, either through the Kuwait Conference or other assistance from friendly countries such as Greece, and there are great investment prospects."