Al-Abadi meets with the Council of the IHEC

National Iraqi News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
08 Mar 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met today with members of the Independent High Electoral Commission in the presence of a number of Ministers, to check on the safety of the procedures adopted by the Electoral Commission and the distribution of voter cards in the provinces of Nineveh, Salah al-Din and Anbar.

Al-Abadi stressed during the meeting, according to a statement by his media office, "to ensure the success of the stage before the election process, whether registration or distribution of cards to voters, which confirms the right of every citizen to receive his card before the election."

He also stressed that the integrity and transparency of elections is a fundamental issue that should be observed at all stages of the work.

After listening to the progress of the electoral process and ways of making the electoral process a success, Al-Abadi called on the Ministry of Education to take the necessary measures to cooperate with the Council of the Commission to ensure the success of the work in the liberated areas and to open more distribution offices to facilitate the access of citizens within their residential areas and through the school buildings, Of educational and teaching staff, as well as the required support from Ministries and other bodies to secure appropriate administrative and technical working conditions.

He called on citizens to review polling stations to receive their cards to ensure the success of the electoral process scheduled for May 12, 2018.