Jaafari Calls On The UN To Play A Role That Guarantees Conducting Electoral Process

National Iraqi News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
23 Abr 2018

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari called on the United Nations to play a role in ensuring the conduct of the electoral process without breaches or obstacles.

"We believe that the elections are a way to move from one situation to the next, and I stress the importance of the strong participation of Iraqis in the elections, and the United Nations should play a role in ensuring that the electoral process is conducted without any obstacles or obstacles " Jaafari said during a meeting with Ján Kubiš, the UN representative in Iraq.

He added: "The United Nations has been able to show a bright face in its history through its support for Iraq, and we expect more support, especially at this stage."

Jaafari thanked the United Nations for supporting Iraq, calling for more support in the reconstruction phase.

According to the statement: "The two sides reviewed the overall political situation, security and international support provided to Iraq, and discussed regional and international issues, especially the Syrian crisis."

For his part, Jan Kubiš, Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Baghdad, stressed the continuation of the United Nations in supporting Iraq, and expressed the readiness of the UNAMI to support Iraq for the success of the upcoming election season.