The upcoming elections is the most competitive since 2005 said Salim al-Jubouri

National Iraqi News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
26 Abr 2018

Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri stressed that "the upcoming elections will be the most competitive since 2005.

"The political targeting of many political leaders has not exceeded the law in my election campaign. I have not received any external funding for my campaign," he said in a televised statement.

"The national list entered in all provinces and the largest weight in the western provinces. The National Coalition is not a temporary compound for me. We began knitting the bridges of partnership with some political coalitions after the elections."

He explained that "the five Shiite lists may not ally again after the elections and the coalition of victory with the state of law is probable. The choice of the next Prime Mminister will be according to the data of state building. Al-Abadi chance for the second term is the closest. The Sunni forces may join the majority political parliamentary team. We support the political majority on the condition that everyone's rights are preserved."

Al-Jubouri said that "the Kurdish equation is the most change in the next phase." He pointed out that "the Presidency of the Parliament dealt objectively with all the interrogations. The next government will not be formed quickly. The next elections are the most competitive since 2005."

He noted that "the National Coalition has balanced relations with all regional countries. It may win 37 seats and the coalition of the Iraqi decision 18 parliamentary seats."