GCC: Hezbollah terror group

03 Jun 2013
Arabia Saudí
Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Arab News

The Gulf Cooperation Council yesterday unanimously declared Lebanon-based Hezbollah a terrorist organization and said it would take measures against the group’s interest in the Gulf countries.
“All GCC countries are convinced that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization,” Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Ghanim bin Fadl Al-Buainain told reporters following a meeting of GCC foreign ministers in Jeddah.

Egypt's Shura Council upholds its legislative powers - presidency

02 Jun 2013
Aswat Masriya

Egyptian presidency said on Sunday that the constitution, approved by the majority in a popular referendum, is a reference to all citizens for them to act accordingly.

The presidency added that respecting the constitution is dutiful to all the authorities of the state, in a statement published on its official page.

“The Shura Council (upper house of parliament) will continue to practice its legislative powers until the election of the lower house of parliament,” said the statement.

Political parties form parallel governments

01 Jun 2013
Daily News Egypt

The National Salvation Front (NSF), as well as the Al-Watan, Al-Wasat and Ghad Al-Thawra parties revealed their plans to create parallel parliaments and shadow governments.

Ahmed Hawary, NSF spokesperson, told Daily News Egypt “the formation of a parallel government is still a suggested idea” and that they have not come up with the final plan for this shadow government.

Ben Jaâfar annonce la fin de rédaction du projet final de la constitution

01 Jun 2013

Mustapha Ben Jaâfar, président de l'Assemblée nationale constituante (Anc), a annoncé, samedi matin, la fin officielle des travaux du Comité mixte de coordination et de rédaction avec le projet final de la constitution.

Le projet final de la constitution doit être publié aujourd'hui sur le site officiel de l'Anc.

Selon M. Ben Jaâfar, cette version finale est passée par différentes étapes et versions depuis la première mouture, publié en août 2012, afin d'être amélioré.

Le FJDC à propos de la révision constitutionnelle : Pour un régime politique semi-présidentiel

30 Mayo 2013
El Moudjahid

Le président du Front des jeunes démocrates pour la citoyenneté (FJDC), Ahmed Gouraya, a présidé, hier, les travaux d’une conférence nationale de son parti, qui s’est tenue au siège de l’hôtel Safir (ex-Aletty). Une conférence au cours de laquelle il a abordé les questions liées à l’actualité nationale.
Le président de ce nouveau parti, agréé à la faveur de la loi sur les partis politiques en 2012, a indiqué à ce sujet que « l’Algérie, à l’instar des autres pays européens,  connaît actuellement, des difficultés dans plusieurs domaines. »

Egypt's anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaign: An inside look

30 Mayo 2013
Aswat Masriya

Founders of Egypt’s 'Rebel' campaign, a newly established movement that aims to withdraw confidence from President Mohamed Morsi by collecting citizens' signatures, spoke at an open forum on Wednesday to discuss the campaign, which has recently gone viral online and on the streets.

'Rebel' campaigners hope to collect 15 million signatures and hold a mass sit-in on 30 June – marking the end of Morsi's first year as president – to call for snap presidential elections and force Morsi out of office.

Larijani Reelected as Iran's New Parliament Speaker

28 Mayo 2013
Fars News Agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- Members of Iran's parliament on Tuesday reelected Ali Larijani as the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament).

A total number of 213 lawmakers voted in favor of Larijani's presidency over the ninth parliament for a second year, while his rival Ahmad Bakhshayesh gained 13 votes out of the 252 ballots cast in the voting. Also, 26 legislators abstained voting.

Larijani has headed the parliament during the past five years.

Libya: Seize Chance to Protect Women's Rights - Historic Time to Entrench Rights Through Participation, New Laws and Constitution

26 Mayo 2013

Libyan authorities should seize a historic opportunity to promote and protect women's rights as the country transitions from four decades of dictatorship, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

Egypt court rejects election law, further poll delays expected

25 Mayo 2013
Aswat Masriya

Egypt 's highest court ruled on Saturday that parts of a revised election law setting out terms for a parliamentary election were unconstitutional, casting fresh doubt over a poll that has already been delayed.

The Islamist-dominated upper house of parliament had approved the law last month and sent it to the Supreme Constitutional Court to check the legality of the voting procedures for a new lower house.

Opposition politicians had denounced the text of the revised election law approved by parliament and repeated threats to boycott the vote.

Turquía aprueba ley que restringe la venta de alcohol

24 Mayo 2013
BBC Mundo

El parlamento turco aprobó una legislación para restringir la venta y la publicidad de alcohol en el país.

El partido AKP, actualmente en el gobierno y con raíces en el Islam, dice que la ley protegerá a la población turca, particularmente los jóvenes, de los efectos nocivos del alcohol.

Los críticos del gobierno aseguraron que la medida responde a un intento de imponer una agenda islámica en Turquía, un país laico pero predominantemente musulmán.

Election Campaigns Start in Iran

23 Mayo 2013
Fars News Agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- Campaigning for the June 14 presidential election kicked off in Iran early this morning after the Guardian Council released the list of qualified candidates.

Under Iran's Election Law, the Guardian Council, the body responsible for vetting hopefuls, is required to announce the list of approved hopefuls within five days after the end of registration. This period can be extended for another five days if necessary.