Government calls HPR to postpone examination of bill amending electoral law

Fecha de publicación: 
22 Feb 2019

(TAP) - Minister in charge of Relations with the House of People's Representatives (HPR) Iyed Dahmani called Friday for the postponement of the plenary session dedicated to the examination of the bill amending and supplementing the organic law on the elections and referendums.

The HPR had started last Tuesday the discussion of this law.


According to a well-informed source at the Committee of Immunity and Parliamentary and Electoral Laws, the government had demanded the postponement of the examination of the bill in question to present new amendment proposals, particularly with regard to the contentious articles, such as the electoral threshold and the prohibition of former members of the dissolved Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) to have access to polling stations.


Iyed Dahmani had estimated on February 19 that the issue of the electoral threshold is "simple" and concerns the amendment of the electoral law. A mechanism that applies to all countries of the world, he added.