Parliament Urges National Mobilization

Sudan Vision
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30 Abr 2013

The National Assembly, in a session chaired by Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, listened to a report on security situation in North and South Kordofan. The report was presented by the committee set up by the parliament and chaired by Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Amin, the chairman of the Parliament's Security and Defence Committee.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday following a parliament session, Al-Tahir affirmed the House's support for the armed forces to defend the country and repulse rebel attack.

He said the Parliament wanted to listen to a report from the Defence Minister but he is currently away in operation zones and the House will listen to his statement on Wednesday. He said the state is determined to encounter the enemy with full force and all Sudan's capabilities will be put at the disposal of the army to crush the so-called Sudan Revolutionary Front. The Sudanese people will never rest until the SRF and SPLM-N are eradicated, the Speaker said.

The House will listen to statements from the defence and interior ministers on necessary preparations taken to defend the land, he said.

After the signing of the cooperation agreements all the rebel movements shifted inside Sudan so it is easy to finish them off, the Speaker said.

Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, head of the government delegation for talks, said the attack on Um Rowaba was expected, but indicated full confidence in the army's ability to put an end to atrocities, stating that the government will not sign peace deal under pressure.

The Council of States also condemned the attack on the town of Um Rowaba and Abu Korshala in North and South Kordofan. The Council declared general mobilization to encounter the attacks, urging the army to protect civilians. The Council's statement called on the international community, regional and international organizations and African friends to support Sudan in its fight against aggressors.

Deputy Governor of the South Kordofan state, Mohamed Al Imam, told the Council of States that the Northern Sector massacred more than 150 people and used children as human shields during the operations. He said the attack displaced over 11,000 people from Al Dandoor to Kurmuk and 13 to 25 thousand from Karshola to Rahad in North Kordofan.

Mohamed Babikir/Hana Abdul Hai/Wail Fadul