Dialogue of parties resumes in absence of Al-Joumhouri and Al-Aridha

Agence Tunis Afrique Presse
Fecha de publicación: 
29 Abr 2013

The dialogue of the political parties resumed, on Monday afternoon in Dar Dhiafa in Carthage, in the absence of Al-Joumhouri Party which suspended its participation pending the revelation of the position of the Ennahdha movement concerning the nature of the political regime.

Al-Joumhouri had announced, on Saturday, that it will not resume dialogue as Ennahdha persist to give broader skills to the Prime Minister.

Al-Aridha Chaabia did not attend the dialogue session after having announced, on Sunday, the dissolution of its formation in protest against political and media exclusion notably by the Troika government and the National Television management, Al-Aridha statement reads.

The Monday dialogue session was devoted to the positions of the participating parties on the political regime after having discussed with their internal structures, head of Ettakatol caucus Mouldi Riahi said.

The meeting was attended by the Troika parties, the Democratic Alliance, Al-Moubadara and Al-Amen.

Ennahdha had asserted, on Sunday, after the meeting of its Shura council, its attachment to consensus on a balanced political regime with distribution of prerogatives between the Presidencies of the Republic and the Government.