Maya Jribi:Towards agreement on improved version of October 23 electoral system

Agence Tunis Afrique Presse
Fecha de publicación: 
11 Mayo 2013

The political parties taking part in the national dialogue initiated by the Presidency of the Republic agreed on Friday to keep the October 23, 2011, electoral system with some modifications.

"We agreed to maintain the rule of "the strongest will remain" applied during the elections of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) with some improvements", Republican Party Secretary-General Maya Jribi told TAP news agency.

Dispersal of voices should be avoided, equity between electoral lists should be secured and control of the electoral campaigns' funding procedures should be reinforced, she added.

Dialogue will resume on Monday to complete examination of the electoral system, issues of violence and terrorism, some controversial points in the Constitution including the chapters of the preamble and rights and liberties.

Friday's national dialogue was attended by the ruling three-party alliance, the Republican Party, Al-Moubedara Party and Al-Amen Party.