Impeachment motion against Marzouki inadmissible

Agence Tunis Afrique Presse
Fecha de publicación: 
26 Jun 2013

The impeachment motion against the President of the Republic was considered inadmissible during the plenary session of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) held, on Wednesday, devoted to the examination of the conditions of admissibility of the motion.

 Following the withdrawal of some elected NCA members of their signatures, a day before the holding of the plenary session, 99 NCA members out of 113 judged inadmissible the motion, against 9 NCA members favourable and 5 abstentions.

The signatories of the motion criticised the approach followed during the vote of the motion, estimating that the withdrawal of signatures after setting the plenary session by the NCA bureau is a "legally inappropriate measure".

On Tuesday, elected NCA members withdrew their signatures of the draft motion, justifying their decision by the inadequate timing of the examination of the draft motion and lack of serene climate for the examination of the draft Constitution.

The plenary session looked at the draft impeachment motion on the basis of article 13 of the constituent law providing for the temporary organisation of public powers and article 95 of internal rules.

These two articles are "mute" on the conditions of the admissibility of the impeachment motion, President of the plenary session and NCA first Deputy-President Meherzia Laabidi specified.

 Article 13 provides for the minimum number of 1/3 required for signing an impeachment motion of the NCA members without mentioning the hypothesis of adding or withdrawing signatures