Bosnia Police Agencies Trade Blame Over Violence

Fecha de publicación: 
21 Feb 2014


Bosnia's State Investigative and Protection Agency, SIPA, said that it was not authorized to maintain peace and security in the streets, as this was the job of the entity and cantonal police structures.

Responding to claims that it did not react to the violent unrest on February 7, SIPA said the Presidency and other institutions were supposed to be guarded by the relevant police agencies.

“As soon the protest gatherings of citizens in the Federation and the material consequences became known, based on information SIPA obtained, the director ordered the engagement of all intelligence capacities aiming to gather relevant data,” spokesperson Kristina Jozic said.

As protests continue in several towns in Bosnia, the state prosecutor is still investigating responsibility for the attacks on state-level institutions after the protests turned violent and when some buildings were burned on February 7. 

The Federation entity's Police Authority, FUP, recently filed a report to the Bosnian Prosecutor on the destruction of buildings and on the clashes with the police in Sarajevo.

The report was forwarded to the prosecutor who is now probing "attacks on state institutions, such as the Presidency, Constitutional Court, Foreign Ministry and Archives”, spokesperson Boris Grubesic told Balkan Insight.

FUP earlier said that on February 7 people broke into the building of the Presidency and other institutions and set them on fire, as well as torching the Bosnian flag.

The director of the FUP, Dragan Lukac, called it an attempt at a coup, adding that the attack on the Presidency appeared aimed at bringing down constitutional order.

Lukac also said that SIPA should have been involved in defending the Presidency and that the Security Ministry should question it about its responsiblity.

“After all activities have been conducted, the prosecutor will decide on... further moves,” Grubesic noted.


Autor: Elvira M. Jukic