Bosnian Prosecutor Denies Eavesdropping Claim

Fecha de publicación: 
06 Mar 2014

Bosnia's State Prosecutor has denied claims made by a judge that it eavesdrops and works to an agenda set by the country's Bosniak political parties.

Bosnia's Prosecutor's Office has denied eavesdropping and rebuffed claims that it works unde the influence of the country's main Bosniak parties.

“It is sad that some judicial officials, even judges... join in media attacks on institutions,” the Prosecutor said on Wednesday. 

The press release referred to a comment by Judge Branko Peric in Nezavisne novine on March 4, in which he claimed that the Prosecutor's Office operated under the influence of Bosnia's two main Bosniak parties, the Social Democratic Party, SDP, and the Party of Democratic Action, SDA.

Peric referred also to case of alleged eavesdropping one of the prosecutors, Vesna Budimir.

“If prosecutors illegally use gadgets for listening-in and tracking down, that is the end of the rule of law, of trust in the judiciary, of professional responsibility and a moral code,” Judge Peric wrote.

Peric criticized many other aspects of the work of Prosecutor's office, saying that some investigations appeared to be politically motivated.

These included the investigation into responsibility for the failure of Bosnia to implement the 2009 Sejdic-Finci ruling of the European Court of Human Rights.

Another was the investigation into the director of the State Investigative and Protection Agency, Goran Zubac, over responsibility for the unrest in the recent street protests. Peric said the probe was clearly an attempt to discredit him.

The Prosecutor dismissed the accusations and insisted that it did not choose who to investigate, which clearly bothered some in the political elite.