SCW's women's media empowerment programme meets potential candidates

Bahrain News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
19 Jun 2014

Manama, June. 19. (BNA) – The Supreme Council for Women (SCW)'s media support programme, which is conducted in cooperation with Mayasim Telecommunications Company, continues to hold meetings that address the mechanisms and optimal ways to address voters, for the affiliates of the political empowerment programme of potential female candidates for the next parliamentary and municipal elections.

Board Chairperson of the Mayasim Telecommunications Company Dr. Mai Al Otaibi explained for the participants how to design a media discourse that achieves maximum effectiveness, how to transfer this discourse through direct channels such as field visits to Majalis and resident, and other indirect channels, such as traditional and new media so as to let the candidates choose specific voters.

She affirmed that it is important for the candidates to differentiate between the slogan, message and programme. 

She stressed on the way of addressing voters, saying that candidates should pay attention to their body language, voice tone and image.

She Pointed out that the candidates message clarifies why voters should choose them, adding that a message should address the candidates' issues of interest.

The affiliates of the political empowerment programme conducted practical training on how to address masses.

The media support programme for the political empowerment programme's affiliates is the first of its kind in the Arab world and it aims to improve the media performance of the affiliates according to a strategy, includes all the candidates needs for an effective media appearance.