Likud, Zionist Union trade blows over Jerusalem attack

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22 Feb 2015

Likud warns left-wing government will bring Hamas 'to heart of Jerusalem,' while Zionist Union accuses Netanyahu of using terror and fear for his own survival needs.'

The Likud party cautioned on Sunday that the stabbing attack earlier in Jerusalem – in which an 18-year-old Palestinian wounded a Jewish man – took place "weeks after Tzipi Livni, the Labor Party's hidden candidate for prime minister, said again she would be willing to consider dividing Jerusalem." In a statement, the party warned that "if Tzipi and Bougie [Isaac Herzog] form a left-wing government – Hamas will be in the heart of Jerusalem."

Herzog and Livni's joint list, the Zionist Union, responded with similarly harsh language. The Likud's statement, they said, "is another lowly and despicable lie from the man who is personally responsible for the loss of personal security among the capital's citizens." Benjamin Netanyahu, the statement read, "is running away from responsibility and using terror and fear for his own survival needs… Bibi, after nine years of nothing, you have failed, go home!"

The attack took place on Sunday evening near Jerusalem's City Hall. An 18-year-old Palestinian stabbed an ultra-Orthodox man, who sustained light to moderate wounds.

The Jerusalem Municipality stated that it was the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, who restrained the attacker together with his bodyguard, seconds after the stabbing occured. Barkat said that he was driving near the scene of the attack when his team spotted the assailant.

"My bodyguard and I jumped straight out of the car, he drew his weapon and together we caught the terrorist until police arrived, and we took care of the wounded, who, happily, was only lightly wounded."
Barkat said that when he and his bodyguards faced the assailant, he threw down his knife.


Jonathan Liss and Nir Hasson