Survey: Zionist Union leads Likud by 2 mandates

Fecha de publicación: 
24 Feb 2015

A new survey conducted by Dr. Mina Tzemach and published by Channel 2 Tuesday shows the Zionist Union, headed by Isaac Herzog, beating out Prime Minister's Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party by two mandates.

The Likud lost two mandates since the previous survey and the Zionist Union one.

On the other hand, Naftali Bennett's Bayit Yehudi party received one more mandate in the latest survey and so did Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid. The ultra-Orthodox Shas party also received one more mandate in the poll.


Meanwhile, Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beytenu party lost one mandate since the last survey conducted.


Survey results: 

Zionist Camp: 24

Likud: 22

Bayit Yehudi: 12

Yesh Atid: 12

Joint Arab List: 12

Kulanu: 7

Shas: 7

United Torah Judaism: 7

Yisrael Beytenu: 6

Meretz: 6

Yachad – Ha'am Itanu: 5


In a separate question which asked those surveyed who they saw most fit to become prime minister, Netanyahu beat out Herzog. Of the voters polled, 44 percent believed Netanyahu is fit to become prime minister – a 7 percent drop since last week. On the other hand, 32 percent of those surveyed thought Herzog would make a better prime minister – a 4 percent rise since last week. Thus, the difference between Netanyahu and Herzog dropped from 23 percent to 12 percent.


The survey also sought to find out who voters thought was responsible for the housing crisis. Of those surveyed, 37 percent believed Netanyahu was to blame for the housing crisis, 17 percent Lapid, 8 percent former prime minister Ehud Olmert and 2 percent believed former prime minister Ariel Sharon was to blame. On the other hand, 27 percent of those polled said they did not know who was to blame for the dire situation in terms of housing.