Oman's Shura to elect new chairman, deputy chairmen

Times of Oman
Fecha de publicación: 
28 Oct 2015

Muscat: Newly elected Shura members would be invited to attend the extraordinary meeting to select the chairman and two deputy chairmen as per the provisions of the Royal Decree No. 99/2011, Majlis Al Shura Secretary-General Sheikh Ali bin Nasser Al Mahrouqi said.

He added that this meeting comes as per the provisions of the Article No. 58 biz and Article No. 12 of the Basic Law of the State, which states that “in response to an invitation from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Majlis Al Shura will hold an extraordinary session to select the chairman and two deputy chairmen for the eighth term. The selection would be made with absolute majority”.

He also pointed out that the internal regulation of Majlis Al Shura has made a decision with regard to Articles from 91 to 98- executive measures for the holding of the extraordinary session.

He affirmed that Majlis Al Shura has already started a number of meetings to prepare for this event and to ensure its success. A committee has been formed to regularise the session and to ensure the success of the forum.

The total number of Majlis Al Shura members, who were elected by people in their wilayats for the eighth term, is 85.