2,173 lists for local elections in Tunisia on May 6.

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28 Feb 2018

In total 57,020 candidates are running in local elections in 350 municipalities in Tunisia on May 6, the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) said on Tuesday.

Overall 2,173 lists have been presented. Of these, 1,099 are linked to single political parties and 177 to coalitions and 897 are independent lists. Just 9 parties and one coalition have presented female candidates at the top of the list.These include Tounes, Ennhadha, Afek Tounes, Beni Watani and the Free Destourian Party. Nidaa Tounes and Ennhadha are the only two parties to be present with lists in all municipalities. The election campaign is due to start on April 14 and will end at midnight on May 4.


Preliminary results will be announced on May 9 and final results on June 13. The upcoming local elections represent the fulfilment of the principle of administrative decentralisation as set forth in the Constitution of 2014. Since the fall of President Ben Alì in 2011 the local municipalities in Tunisia have been led by special delegations appointed by the government or prefect and that only handle current affairs.


Source: http://www.ansamed.info/ansamed/en/news/sections/politics/2018/02/27/217...