"Tunisia First" movement pleads for national reform pact

Agence Tunis Afrique Presse
Fecha de publicación: 
31 Mar 2018

The Tunisia First movement deemed it "essential” to put in place a national pact of reforms to “resolve the crisis paralysing country.”

This pact should engage all the forces of the nation and therefore promote a true national unity and "courageous" reforms, the movement noted in a statement released after its political bureau meeting on Saturday.

In the same vein, "Tunisia First" advocated the formation of a technocratic government, far from any partisan quota.

"Members of the new government should not run in the next elections," the party pointed out, warning against the “consequences of the economic and social crisis that is shaking the country.”

The "Tunisia First" Movement said “the ruling coalition, which already has a negative record at all levels, is no longer able to provide solutions to the political and economic crisis that is getting worse in the country.”