El mundo musulmán celebra el fin del Ramadán

04 Jun 2019
Bosnia y Herzegovina
Arabia Saudí
Emiratos Árabes Unidos
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Después de casi un mes sin poder beber, comer, fumar o mantener relaciones sexuales en las horas diurnas, musulmanes de todo el mundo celebran el fin del ayuno con festividades que durarán entre tres días y una semana.

Albania Opposition Plan Mass Protest Despite 'Treason' Charge

25 Mayo 2018
Balkan Insight

The main opposition parties in Albania are preparing for a major protest on Saturday, accusing the government of having links to drug dealers, despite being called 'traitors' to Albania by the Prime Minister.

Albania's opposition Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration, LSI, have finalised their preparations for a major protest on Saturday in Tirana, demanding the resignation of the Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj, who they accuse of engaging in drug smuggling.

Albania Minister's Brother Has Crime Ties, Opposition Claims

14 Mayo 2018
Balkan Insight

After the opposition Democratic Party on Monday published an intercepted phone call, which it claimed shows the Interior Minister's brother is engaged in drug dealing, the government accused it of sabotaging the country's image at a crucial moment.

The opposition Democratic Party on Monday published an intercepted phone call which it claims shows the brother of Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj is engaged in drug dealing. The governing Socialist Party claims the attack on Xhafa aims to forestall the country's EU integration.

Rama Criticised for ‘Joint President’ Idea

19 Feb 2018
Balkan Insight

Albanian premier Edi Rama’s suggestion that Albania and Kosovo could share the same joint president was described as impractical by analysts in Pristina and strongly condemned by officials in Belgrade.

Analysts in Pristina told BIRN on Monday that Albania and Kosovo should take serious steps towards practical cooperation instead of the idea of a having a joint president, which was suggested by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama during a speech to Kosovo MPs the previous day.

Albania Ruling Party Moves to Toughen MPs' Immunity

19 Ene 2018
Balkan Insight

Albania’s ruling Socialist Party is being criticised for its attempts to make issuing arrest warrants for MPs facing criminal charges much harder.

Albania's ruling Socialist Party has been criticised over a proposal that would oblige the prosecution to submit incriminating evidence to parliament before an MP can be stripped of immunity and arrested.

Critics say the change would undermine the rule of law and endow parliament with powers that should rest with only with the courts.

Parliamentary elections – 5 105 counted nationwide, SP ahead with 48.41 %

27 Jun 2017

TIRANA, June 27/ATA/ – Preliminary election results published by Central Elections Committee (CEC) today show that the Socialist Party heads with 48.41 % votes while 5 105 of ballot boxes are counted out of the remaining 5 362 in total.

CEC preliminary data until 6:20 am result in Socialist Party with 726.290 votes or 48.41%, Democratic Party with 432.885 votes or 28.86%.

Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) is third with 216.330 votes or 14.42%, PJIU fourth with 69.992 votes or 4.67%, LIBRA with 18.363 votes or 1.22%, SDP with 12.914 votes or 0.86%.

Albania MPs Finally Adopt Judicial Reform

22 Jul 2016
Balkan Insight

Albania's parliament early on Friday adopted long-awaited judicial reforms, after 18 months of technical and political work and days of tense negotiations.

All 140 members of parliament voted in favour of the reform, after negotiations between the three main political leaders led by US ambassador Donald Lu and EU head of delegation Romana Vlahutin on Thursday closed the last remaining disputes over various articles.

Albania MPs Call For Direct Presidential Election

06 Jul 2016
Balkan Insight

A group of 11 MPs in Albania have made a joint call for the President to be elected by direct vote in future.

The initiative is being launched a year before the current President, Bujar Nishani, finishes his five-year term. The political parties leaders have yet to enter the negotiating process of selecting a successor.

The current constitution stipulates that the President of Albania is elected by a vote in parliament. The successful candidate must win three-quarters of MPs' votes, which is 84 out of 140 in total.

Albanian Parliament to vote on judicial reform package

30 Jun 2016
Daily Mail

Though lacking support from the opposition, the Albanian Parliament on Thursday passed a plan to bring a judicial reform package to a vote next month, a dangerous move that could bring down the government.

Lawmakers voted 71-to-38 to bring the matter to a vote before parliament closes its session at the end of July. The package is fundamental to ensuring the European Union will launch membership negotiations with Tirana.

IMF warns Albania against government payment arrears

28 Jun 2016

The International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday Albania's economic recovery should strengthen this year but warned it not to let government payment arrears grow and risk a repeat of the heavy borrowing when it came to power three years ago.

Reviewing Albania's 330 million euro ($365 million) 36-month programme signed in February 2014, an IMF team said they had reached a staff-level agreement with Albania after finding their economic programme was "broadly on track".

La UE anima a Albania a adoptar la reforma judicial que la acerque a Europa

05 Jun 2016

La jefa de la diplomacia de la Unión Europea, Federica Mogherini, animó hoy a las fuerzas políticas albanesas a adoptar mañana en el Parlamento una reforma judicial que acercará al país a los estándares comunitarios.

"Puede abrir el camino a un nuevo comienzo, y por eso esperamos que todas las fuerzas políticas utilicen mañana la ronda final de consultas para aprobar la propuesta" sobre la reforma judicial, declaró Mogherini en un comunicado.

Brussels Urges Albania to Complete a Judicial Reform Package

02 Jun 2016

The European Union is urging Albania to complete a package of judicial reforms if it wants to launch full membership talks with the bloc.

Referencing Albania's upcoming appearance in soccer's European Championship in France, the EU's top official for enlargement Johannes Hahn, said in a statement Tuesday that "the coming days will be decisive whether Albania will advance in the Euro Championship or stays in the group stage."

Albania Leaders Mull Meeting on Judicial Reform

01 Jun 2016
Balkan Insight

The leaders of Albania's two main parties, the Prime Minister and Socialist leader, Edi Rama, and Lulzim Basha, chairman of the Democratic Party, are inching towards a meeting this week to find a solution to the deadlock on judicial reform.

As the deadline for Albania to complete judicial reforms needed to open EU accession negotiations comes close to expiring, a meeting between the leaders is seen as urgent, to end the deadlock and enable parliament to pass the reform in June.

Albania Opposition Boycotts Parliament, Blocks Reform Bill

28 Mayo 2016
Associated Pres

Albania's main opposition Democratic Party again has decided to boycott Parliament in response to the legislature's suspension of its former leader, Sali Berisha.

The Democrats on Saturday said they would boycott Parliament for 10 days after Parliament suspended Berisha for 10 days for accusing Prime Minister Edi Rama of direct links to criminals, a charge Rama has denied.

Last month Berisha was sued by the governing Socialist Party for calling on citizens to arm themselves.