LF, FPM Not Decided on Speaker Re-Election

Fecha de publicación: 
12 Mayo 2018

The Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement have not yet disclosed whether they will re-elect Speaker Nabih Berrii for a sixth term, as they prepare for consultative meetings with their party members.

In that regard, Foreign Minister and FPM chief Jebran Bassil assured that each positive “signal” from Berri’s end (AMAL Movement chief) will be met by a similar one from the FPM’s side.

Asked whether he considers as “positive” the Speaker’s reference describing Bassil as “someone who moves a lot,” the Minister said: “Every positive sign is met with a positive sign, words by words, action by action, voting by voting, participation with participation.”

Relations are strained between Berri and Bassil against the latter’s “thug” remarks, which ignited a series of clashing positions between the two men.

On the other hand, the LF is set to decide on the nomination of Berri during the meeting of its bloc, the “Strong Republic bloc,” when the session to determine the new speaker, his deputy and parliament bureau is set, said al-Joumhouria daily.

LF sources told the daily: “We are preparing, at this new political stage, to keep up with the upcoming entitlements at the level of the Parliament elections and the formation of the new government. Internal consultations have started in preparation for this stage.

“The head of the party (Samir Geagea) will call the "Strong Republic bloc" to the meeting when the parliamentary election session is set to take the appropriate position in that regard," added the sources on condition of anonymity.

The new parliament will hold a session on May 22, reportedly to re-elect Berri to a sixth term as Parliament Speaker.