Baabda Assures ‘New Govt to Isolate No One’

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02 Jun 2018

Lebanon’s new government to be formed by PM-designate Saad Hariri will not “isolate” any political party, amid assurances that any obstacle threatening the formation process will be “overcome,” al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

Sources of President Michel Aoun said: “The new government will not isolate anyone,” noting that the “Lebanese Forces are not targeted at all,” and that their concerns have been addressed during a meeting between the President and LF chief Samir Geagea.

They said “Aoun and Hariri are keen on addressing everyone’s concern, and when it comes to the formation all obstacles will be thwarted.”

Hariri is now tasked with forming a coalition cabinet -- typically a drawn-out process involving horse-trading among Lebanon's competing political forces.