Qatar announces Central Municipal Council Election 2019 results

Source: and al-Jazeera
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Apr 18 2019

Maj. Gen. Majid Ibrahim Al Khulaifi, director of Elections Department under the Ministry of Interior and head of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) Electoral Committee announced the winners of the CMC 2019 election in a press conference held in the Media Centre of the election in officers club of the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday (April 16) evening.

Announcing the details of the 6th edition of the CMC election held yesterday from 8 am to 5 pm, Maj. Gen. Al Khulaifi said that the total numbers of the voters qualified to cast their vote in the CMC 2019 election reached 27722 and the total numbers of the candidates were 85, in which five of them were females.

From the 29 constituencies, the sixth edition of the CMC election was held in 25 constituencies, while the representatives of other 4 constituencies (7th, twenty second, twenty seventh and twenty eighth) were elected uncontested by nomination because of the absence of competitors in these constituencies and in total, the numbers of the voters who casted their votes reached 13334 which represents 50.1% of total voters, he added.

The CMC 2019 election committee opened the doors of the polling booths for the voters from 8 am to 5 pm and the polling booths witnessed a large turnout of voters since the early hours from opening the polling stations, where the male and female voters rushed to the polling booths to cast their votes to select their representatives in the CMC in an atmosphere of freedom and transparency under the legal supervision which contributed in encouraging the voters to participate widely in the election process.

In a statement to the media, Director of Public Security Staff Maj. Gen. Saad bin Jassim Al Khulaifi appreciated the keenness of the voters in taking part in their electoral rights and he said that the Ministry of Interior provided and still extending all kinds of support for the successful conduction of a transparent CMC election.

The electoral process has been conducted in an honorable and distinct manner since the first hours of opening the headquarters of constituencies at 8 am, where the polling booths welcomed voters to choose their representatives in the election under full judicial supervision, the police chief said.

He also pointed out that the integrity of the electoral process since its launch last January, the registration of voters and then candidates to this day contributed to the presence of voters in some constituencies in large proportions. “Male and female voters lined up in front of polling stations inside and outside Doha to cast their votes,” he added.

H.E. Al Khulaifi also hailed the excellent participation of Qatari women in the CMC election as voters as well as candidates, which he sees as a great support for Qatar's efforts to promote women's rights and to enable them to play their role in society and to provide opportunities through which they can contribute positively to the development of their country and the service of its citizens and members of their constituency.

Talking with media, Director of Planning and Quality Department, member of the Supervisory Committee Brigadier Abdul Rahman Majid Al-Sulaiti confirmed that the voting process is in accordance with the arrangements prepared by the Supervisory Committee for this day and no observations or negative points have been recorded so far.

On his part, Brigadier Salem Saqr Al-Marikhi, Director of the Legal Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior and deputy chairman of the Supervisory Committee on Elections, confirmed that the election day was concluded in the best way and did not record any observations or negatives. He praised the turnout of the male and female voters at large number in the 25 polling stations to choose their representatives to the CMC.

He also pointed out that the Electoral Law in cooperation with the technical committee for the elections worked for ensuring the safety of the ballot papers and the electronic work system within the polling stations. The Committee also responds to all legal inquiries received from various electoral committees for the success of the elections.

Brig. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Malki, Assistant Director General of Information Systems at MoI and head of the Technical Committee for Elections, pointed out that the voting process proceeded naturally, and that no observations were recorded that affected the final stage of the election, which voting for selecting the members of the CMC. Technicians in the constituencies concerned with the feeding of voter data were trained on the work mechanism within the constituency headquarters, which contributed to the smooth completion of the polling day.

Talking to the media, director of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior and head of the election media committee, Brig. Abdullah Khalifa al-Muftah, said the supervisory committee worked to conduct a transparent and calm election in an atmosphere of freedom for selecting the best candidate who will represent him in the CMC.

‘The Amiri Decree set the date of the 16th of April as the date for conducting the electoral process. The Electoral Supervisory Committee worked on the integrity of the electoral process on this day and exerted all efforts to provide all means that would help the voter to vote in a calm, fair and impartial atmosphere’ Brig. Al Muftah added.



CMC Election 2019 Results


Polling Head Quarter


Constituancy 1


Jassim Najm Ali Ahmed Al Khulaifi

Constituancy 2


Ali Fahad Muhsin Al Shahwani

Constituancy 3

South Duhail

Ali Khalaf Mjren Al Kubaisi

Constituancy 4

Bin Omran

Badr Sulthan Sadr Sulthan Al Rumaihi

Constituancy 5

Shabiyyath Khalifa

Muhammed Salim Muhammed Al Kamar Al Marri

Constituancy 6


Ali Sulthan Ghanim Aal Suwaid Al Ghanim

Constituancy 7


Abdullah Saeed Abdulla Khamees Al Sulaiti

Constituancy 8

Old Airport

Sheikha Yousef Hasan Al Jufairi

Constituancy 9


Fathima Ahmed Khalfan al Kuwari

Constituancy 10


Abdu Rahman Abdullah Muhammed Ali Al Khulaifi

Constituancy 11

Musaimeer & Abu Hamour

Swalih Jabir Swalih Al Nabith Al Marri

Constituancy 12


Hamad Abdullah Al Hanzab

Constituancy 13

Abu Sidrah

Muhammed Hamad Muhammed Al Hattan Al Marri

Constituancy 14

New Rayyan

Muhammed Hamood Shafi Al Shafi

Constituancy 15


Mubarak Fareesh Mubarak Al Salim

Constituancy 16

Bani Hajer

Muhammed Salih Rashid Al Hajiri

Constituancy 17

Khuraithiyath - Ezghawa

Ezghawa- Abdullah Khalid Qasim Al Yafi

Constituancy 18

Al Sakhama

Mishgal Abdullah Swaqr Al Naeemi

Constituancy 19

Umm Sulal Muhammed

Khalaf Ibrahim Saad Al Kaabi

Constituancy 20

Al Wakrah

Jabar Muhammed Saif Al Suwaidi

Constituancy 21

Al Karaana - Salwa Road

Salwa Road- Naif Ali Muhammed Al Ahbabi

Constituancy 22

Rawdath Rashid - Al Jamila

Muhammed Abdullah Muhammed Al Warid

Constituancy 23

Al Shahhaniyya

Muhammed Lafir Muhammed Al Hajiri

Constituancy 24

Al Jumailiya

Muhammed Saif Majid Al Mansouri

Constituancy 25

Al Khor

Abdullah Mukallad Ali Ibrahim Al Miraikhi

Constituancy 26

Al Zakheera

Ali Muhammed Ahmed Al Hassan Al Mohannadi

Constituancy 27

Al Kaaban

Rashid Mubarak Saeed Al Kaabi

Constituancy 28


Saeed Mubarak Saeed Al Rashidi

Constituancy 29


Nasir Hassan Dandoon Al Kubaisi


(News source: Press release, Cover Image credit: Al Jazeera))

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