Official name: 
Lebanese Republic
Name in local language: 
al-yumhuriatu al-lubnaniya, transliterated from Arabic الجمهورية اللبنانية
Form of government: 
Political system: 
  • Founding date/ Date of independence:1920/ 1943
  • Date of constitution/reform: 1926/1947/1990
  • Form of state: Centralized
  • Administrative divisions: 8 muhafadas or governatorates, divided in 26 cazas (qadhas) or provinces. 
  • Official language(s):Arabic
  • Other spoken languages:  French, English
  • Official religion: The Constitution provides for freedom of religion and the freedom to practice all religious rites provided that the public order is not disturbed
  • Minorities: Coexistence of 18 religious confessions, all considered minorities
  • Dominant actor: Sectarian elites
  • Elected Institutions: Parliament / President / municipal and provincial councils
  • Non-Elected Institutions:
  • Party System: Multiparty system newly tending to form two major national blocks

Autoridades actuales

  • Head of State:  Michel Aoun, since October 31st 2016.
  • Head of government: Hassan Diab, replaced Saad Hariri in December 2019, following weeks of mass protests.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Basil Gebran (since February 2014)
  • Ministry of Interior:  Nouhad Machnouk (since February 2014)
  • Parliament Speaker:  Nabih Berri, since 1992
  • Parliament Composition: Link
  • Head of Judiciary:  Issem Sleiman (Constitutional Court)
  • Diagram of the political system: Link