Official name: 
Republic of Albania
Name in local language: 
Republika e Shqipërisë
Form of government: 
Political system: 
  • Founding date/ Date of independence: 28/11/1912
  • Date of constitution/reform: 1998, 2008
  • Form of state: Decentralized
  • Administrative divisions: 12 counties, 36 districts
  • Official language(s): Albanian
  • Other spoken languages
  • Official religion: Albania is a secular state
  • Minorities: Bulgarians and Greeks
  • Dominant actor(s): Parliament
  • Elected institutions of government: Parliament and Local Authorities
  • Non-elected  institutions of government: Head of State (elected by the Assembly) and Head of the Government (nominated by the Head of State with authorization of the Parliament)
  • Party system: two-party system

Current authorities

  • Head of state:Ilir Meta , as of July 2017
  • Head of government: Edi Rama, as of 2013
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ditmir Bushati
  • Minister of Interior: Dritan Demiraj
  • Head(s) of Legislative Branch: Gramoz RuÇi, as of September of 2017 
  • Composition legislative branch:Link to graph in PDF 
  • Head of the Judiciary: Shpresa Becaj
  • Schematic representation of the political system:Link to graph in PDF