Post-election Analysis

KUWAIT Legislative Elections 2023

In the realm of political science, electoral analysis constitutes a pivotal means to comprehend the dynamics of a nation’s political landscape. However, the examination of election results in Kuwait presents a distinct challenge due to the scarcity of accessible official data, a situation that differs markedly from conventional practices. A further challenge in evaluating Kuwait’s election results lies in the absence of formal political parties, and the difficulty to attribute a potential legislative performance to the winning candidates. This is a common characteristic within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, with the notable exception of Bahrain, which permits Political Societies to partake in the electoral proceedings since 2005.
In the wake of numerous analyses that have emerged post-election, and considering the abovementioned constrains, this Gulf Insights aims to illuminate facets of electoral turnout and hypothesize about the future political orientation of the chamber.
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