Bosnia's Federation Elects New President

Balkan Insight
Publication date: 
Feb 09 2015

Deputies in the Federation parliament on Monday confirmed the appointments of the new entity officials as the country took another step towards forming governments after last October’s elections.

The formation of the government in the Federation entity will also enable the formation of the state government, the Council of Ministers.

The Federation parliament confirmed f Marinko Cavara, from the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, for the position of Federation President.

Melika Mahmutbegovic from the mainly Bosniak Party of Democratic Action, SDA, and Milan Dunovic from the Democratic Front, DF, were also confirmed as the Bosniak and Serb Vice Presidents.

“We will soon have a government and start solving the accumulated problems. Talks on the [formation of the] government will be conducted in the next 10 days,” Cavara said.

According to Bosnia’s rotating ethnic system that is applied to the distribution of all key posts, the new premier’s position belongs to Bosniaks, and the SDA party has already said it has its candidate.

The other ministerial positions will be nominated by the three parties that make up the ruling coalition, the SDA, DF and HDZ.

But there could be delays ahead because the DF is claiming all three Serb ministerial positions while the HDZ wants one.

The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD, which is an opposition party in the Federation but at the same time holds power in the other Bosnian entity, Republika Srpska, also announced on Monday that the confirmation of Dunovic as the Serb vice president may be legal but is illegitimate because he only got support from two Serb MPs in the Serb caucus of the Federation House of Peoples.

Author: Elvira M. Jukic