Future, Hezbollah seek presidential crisis breakthrough: MP

The Daily Star
Fecha de publicación: 
19 Mayo 2015

BEIRUT: Future Movement MP Ammar Houri Tuesday criticized Free Patriotic Movement Michel Aoun’s popular vote initiative and said his party is working with Hezbollah toward a breakthrough in the yearlong presidential deadlock.

“Hezbollah has placed the [presidential election] card in Iran’s hands and it is benefiting from Gen. Aoun’s stance,” Houri told local news website el-Nashra. 

He raised concerns about the ongoing presidential stalemate and said: “We [the Future Movement] through our dialogue with Hezbollah are seeking to persuade [the party] to Lebanonize the election and cooperate with them in order to reach a breakthrough in the crisis.” 

Houri said Aoun’s proposal requires a Constitutional amendment “and this cannot be achieved in the absence of head of state.” 

Aoun’s “initiative also means changing our political system completely and turning it from a parliamentary system to a presidential system," he added.

Houri said a Future Movement delegation will meet with a FPM delegation Wednesday to hear a briefing on Aoun’s proposal announced last week.

Aoun proposed four options to solve the presidential vacuum: 

1- A president could be elected directly by the people in two rounds of voting, first by Christians, and then by all Lebanese. 

2- To hold a popular referendum to know who among the presidential candidates enjoys the most support. The winner would then be elected president by Parliament.

3- To allow Parliament to hold an election in which one of two of its most popular Maronite MPs would stand as candidates.

4- A new Parliament is elected based on a new electoral law that is more representative of the people, and then lawmakers would in turn choose a president.