Berri and Salam ‘on the same page’: report

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14 Jun 2015




BEIRUT: Prime Minister Tammam Salam and Speaker Nabih Berri are “on the same page” in matters relating to the paralysis of state institutions and the year-long presidential impasse, the latter said in a report published Sunday.

Berri and the premier are aiming to tackle attempts to disrupt the Cabinet's work in a prudent and patient manner, the speaker told Al-Mustaqbal newspaper in published remarks, noting that the two are "on the same page" with regards to this issue.

The 13th round of dialogue between Hezbollah and The Future MovementMonday will hopefully delve into the issue of paralysis in the Cabinet, he said, while urging parties to find solutions that would allow state institutions to exit the current state of deadlock.

“The country shouldn’t be paralyzed,” he said. “We need to find a solution to revive the Cabinet and restart legislation in parliament so that we can reach the [election] of a president,” Berri said, noting that no one has forgotten about the need to fill the country’s top Christian post.

“Me and the prime minister are more keen on this than anyone else.”

The political dispute over the appointments of a new Internal Security Forces chief and Army commander plunged the Cabinet into paralysis earlier this month, with the prime minister canceling last week’s session in light of the impasse.

The Free Patriotic Movement has strongly opposed extending the terms of the current security chiefs, demanding the Cabinet appoint a new ISF head and Army commander.

The Future Movement and some Christian parties argue that a new Army commander should not be chosen before the election of a new president, who should have a say in the appointment.

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