Report: Riyadh Continues to Veto Aoun, Mustaqbal Says No Elections despite Candidacies

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20 Ene 2016

Al-Mustaqbal chief ex-PM Saad Hariri has informed his movement's officials that Saudi Arabia continues to veto the candidacy of Free Patriotic Movement founder MP Michel Aoun for the presidency, al-Akhbar daily reported on Wednesday.


Several officials, including al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc leader MP Fouad Saniora, traveled to Saudi Arabia on Monday following Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea's endorsement of Aoun.


The Mustaqbal bloc issued a statement on Tuesday, hailing the reconciliation between the LF and the FPM.


But the bloc did not take a stance from Geagea's move.


Despite al-Mustaqbal bloc's vague statement, Hariri was clear to announce to his movement's officials that he will continue to hold onto the candidacy of Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh, March 14 alliance sources told al-Akhbar.


“Today, we have candidates but no elections,” Hariri reportedly said, ruling out their ability to garner enough votes to be elected.


According to al-Akhbar, the officials who met with Hariri described the rapprochement between Geagea and Aoun as an “uncalculated risk.”


Hariri struck a deal with Franjieh late last year to back him for the presidency in return form the Mustaqbal leader to become prime minister.


Geagea's support for Aoun in an attempt to end the 20-month presidential deadlock is not seen sufficient to end the Baaaba Palace vacuum that was caused over lack of quorum at the parliament.

President Michel Suleiman's six-year term ended in May 2014.