Mashnouq: Interior Ministry Prepares for Parliamentary Polls

Fecha de publicación: 
23 Jun 2016

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq assured that Lebanon's parliamentary elections will be held on time and that the ministry has started the preparations needed for that purpose, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

The parliamentary elections are scheduled for June 2017, amid disbelief that the long-awaited polls will be staged on time.

The parliament extended its own term twice, the first time in 2013 and a second time in 2014.

The extension was prompted by the political powers' failure to agree on a new electoral law.

The joint parliamentary committees tasked with drafting a new electoral law have met several times in a bid to find a system that meets the approval of all parties.

But the outcome of the latest meeting held on Wednesday was not promising. It ended without reaching an agreement and the interlocutors scheduled another session on July 13.

The 2009 parliamentary elections were held based on the 1960 which is based on 26 districts and the winner-takes-all system.

The parliament is currently mulling a law based on proportional representation and a hybrid one that mixes the two systems.

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