Muslim World League supports decision to release Qatar-linked ‘terrorism’ list

Al Arabiya English
Publication date: 
Jun 09 2017

The Muslim World League posted a statement reaffirming their support for the joint four Arab powers releasing a list of Qatar-linked designated terrorists.

The Muslim World League has said it supports a decision by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt in designating 59 Qatar-linked individuals and 12 entities with ties to terrorism.

The four Arab countries announced on Friday a list of the individuals and entities and accused Qatar of supporting them in their efforts to finance terrorist organization across the region.

"The four countries agreed on categorizing 59 persons and 12 entities in their list of terrorism," they said, affirming "that they won't be lenient in pursuing" such persons and groups.

Along with 18 Qataris, many on the list are individuals and groups from Egypt, Bahrain and Libya.