Berri Affirms Timely Polls, Says Failure 'Wrecks' Country

Fecha de publicación: 
03 Mar 2018

Speaker Nabih Berri has assured all parties skeptical about the country's elections that the polls “are going to be staged as scheduled,” al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

Berri said failure to stage the elections would “wreck the country,” and make it lose its connections with other states. “We will not let that happen,” he stressed as telling his visitors

“I say decisively and definitively, the elections will take place, there is no force in the world to stop or disrupt it,” he concluded.

Lebanon will stage its first national referendum in nine years on May 6.

For the first time, Lebanese nationals living overseas will be able to cast ballots in early voting.

The parliament has postponed elections several times over security reasons. Its term was supposed to expire in 2013 but lawmakers approved several extensions since then, the last one in June for another 11 months.