Berri Calls for 'Clean, Free' Elections

Fecha de publicación: 
21 Mar 2018

In light of Lebanon's preparations for its long-awaited parliamentary elections, Speaker Nabih Berri said he is “looking forward for high voter turnout,” urging the Lebanese to “practice their national duty” and cast their votes, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Wednesday.

“We are looking forward for massive election turnout. It is the national duty of each citizen,” Berri told the daily in an interview.

He reiterated saying the elections will be staged based on the new proportional representation electoral system, “my position is well known. I support staging clean, free elections in every sense. I have always raised the slogan “do not distort the elections.” Let's make it an opportunity to move our country to safety.”

It is clear that Berri is in the “opposite direction of pessimists” who have recently raised their doubts about the possibility of staging timely polls, said the daily. They link their fears to regional and international developments that could take a serious military character in the Syrian arena “threatening to reflect the tension on Lebanon,” it added.

On May 6, Lebanon is scheduled to stage its first legislative elections in nine years based on a complex proportional representation system that replaces a majoritarian winner-takes-all system.

Regarding rentals of power generating vessels in light of reports the cabinet will put it for voting, he told the daily: “I have reiterated that lots of squandering is involved in this file. We have, and will keep on rejecting the plan or any other plan that squanders (public funds) even if we were accused of obstruction.”

The cabinet is set to convene on Wednesday to discuss several items on its agenda, amid reports the thorny electricity file will be put for voting.