U.S. Says Won’t Interfere in Lebanese Expats Right to Vote

Fecha de publicación: 
28 Abr 2018

As Lebanon gears for its second day of Lebanese expats voting on Sunday, the United States’ foreign ministry said the US “will not interfere in the right of Lebanese to vote,” MTV reported Saturday.

“The US administration will not interfere in the Lebanese right to vote,” a US source from the US foreign ministry told the television station on condition of anonymity.

MTV added that around 10,000 Lebanese expats are set to cast their votes on Sunday.

On the other hand, Lebanon's Ambassador to Brazil told MTV that “preparations for the electoral process are complete. No logistic problems have been encountered, except that some passports did not arrive on time.”

Expatriates will kick off the second day of Lebanon's parliamentary polls by voting abroad on Sunday, a first for the small country's huge diaspora.

Expats voting took place Friday in six Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Egypt.

The overall voter turnout was at 48.11% at 5:25 pm Beirut time according to the National News Agency.

Voters elsewhere in the world will vote on Sunday, a week before the May 6 polling in Lebanon, which has not renewed its parliament since 2009.