Bassil: Lebanese Expat Voting Record 59% Turnout

Fecha de publicación: 
30 Abr 2018

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil said in a press conference Monday that the turnout rate for Lebanese expats voting reached 59%, stressing that it “reflects the enthusiasm of Lebanese.”

In a press conference he held at the foreign ministry concluding the country’s expats voting, Bassil said: “Lebanese expat voting has reflected the enthusiasm and interest of Lebanese,” to practice their national right, “although some media outlets were hinting otherwise.”

“Official turnout statistics have shown 59% of people registered have cast their votes,” he said.

Bassil gave credit to the interior ministry and other institutions that helped make the process possible, he said: “The elections were conducted under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Interior. There was great cooperation between the two ministries, and I think that in the history of Lebanon there has not been an electoral process held with such transparency. "

He said the elections cost held around 40 Arab and foreign countries, “reached around $1.5 million.”

Voter turnout in Australia reached 58%, in Europe 59.5%, in Africa 68%, in Latin America 45%, in Americas around 55%, in Arab countries around 69%, said the minister.