Algerian interim president calls for dialogue without gov't, army

Jul 04 2019
Xinhua Net

ALGIERS, July 3 (Xinhua) -- Algerian interim President Abdelkader Bensalah on Wednesday announced to launch a comprehensive dialogue led by independent personalities in which the government and army would not participate.

Bensalah said in a speech broadcast on the state-run television that he "once again calls all political players to join the comprehensive dialogue process that the government is due to launch in a bid to discuss the forthcoming presidential elections."

Mauritania constitutional council confirms election winner Ghazouani

Jul 02 2019
The Independent
Ex-general Mohamed Ould Ghazouani was declared the official winner Monday of presidential elections in Mauritania that opposition candidates claim were unfair.
The Constitutional Council, the final authority on Mauritania’s founding law, rejected an opposition challenge and confirmed the CENI electoral commission’s announcement that Ghazouani had won the June 22 poll with an absolute majority of 52 percent.

NEC announces FNC elections schedule

Jul 01 2019
United Arab Emirates
Gulf Today

The National Elections Committee (NEC) on Monday announced the timeline of the upcoming fourth election cycle of the Federal National Council, FNC, with Oct.5, 2019, selected as the main election day.

As part of its sustained efforts to ensure transparency, integrity and accuracy of the elections the timeline announced outlines all of the steps and processes.

NEC also launched a call centre for the fourth cycle of the elections, and unveiled the new logo of the 2019 elections.

Mauritania’s electoral commission confirms Ghazouani win

Jun 24 2019
Arab News
Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, a retired general who served as defense minister before being picked as the chosen successor to Mauritania’s outgoing president, won the weekend election by a large margin, the country’s electoral commission announced.
The result had been widely expected and was swiftly confirmed after Ghazouani claimed victory Saturday evening within hours of polls closing.

Protests continue in Iraq's southern city of Basra

Jun 22 2019
Kurdistan 24

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Hundreds of protesters continue to take to the streets to renew their ongoing public outcry against chronic corruption, lack of basic public services, and unemployment in the southern, oil-rich province of Basra.

An angry crowd gathered in front of the governorate building which houses the local provincial council on Thursday, but riot police and other security forces present had cordoned it off as a precaution following the destruction of the previous office last year.

Istanbul votes again: An existential battle for the heart and soul of Turkey

Jun 22 2019

For the first time in 24 years, Turkey's AKP lost control of Istanbul. Now, the battle is happening all over again.

It's nearing sundown in one of Istanbul's most popular bar districts, but the streets are unusually quiet.

A short walk away, a few hundred locals are gathered in a park, snacking on sunflower seeds and drinking beer.

That's not an unusual summertime sight in the city's few green spaces, but this time, Istanbulites have come out for more than a sunset picnic.

Los mauritanos votan con normalidad en comicios para elegir nuevo presidente

Jun 22 2019
Más de millón y medio de mauritanos votan con normalidad desde esta mañana en los comicios presidenciales para elegir al sucesor del jefe de Estado saliente, Mohamed uld Abdel Aziz.
Al mediodía, fuentes de la Comisión Electoral Nacional Independiente (CENI) dijeron a Efe que se había registrado una participación del 30 % del electorado.
La jornada está transcurriendo sin incidentes, a excepción de casos de electores que no encuentran sus colegios o que protestan porque sus nombres no aparecen en el censo electoral.

Mauritania votes in first election since independence

Jun 22 2019
Iraq now

Voters in the West African state of Mauritania went to the polls on Saturday after a campaign dominated by the country's economy and appeals to preserve its hard-won stability.

The ballot is the first in the nation's coup-strewn history - five coups since independence from France in 1960 - that looks set to see an elected president complete his mandate and hand over to an elected successor.

UGTA : Election d’une nouvelle direction aujourd’hui

Jun 21 2019
El Watan

Quelque 800 délégués participent, aujourd’hui à Alger, au 13e congrès de l’UGTA dont l’ordre du jour prévoit l’élection de la nouvelle direction de la centrale syndicale.

Dans une déclaration à l’APS, le secrétaire national chargé des relations publiques à l’union, Ahmed Guetiche a indiqué que 800 délégués de wilaya, dont les responsables d’une trentaine de fédérations de différents secteurs professionnels, participeront aux travaux de ce congrès de deux jours qui verra l’élection de la nouvelle direction de l’Union et l’évaluation du travail accompli.