El presidente argelino Buteflika, convaleciente en Francia

21 Mayo 2013

El primer ministro argelino, ante las informaciones que aseguran que el presidente Abdelaziz Buteflika está gravemente enfermo, dijo que el político de 76 años estaba recuperándose en Francia pero que los médicos le han ordenado reposo absoluto.

Desde que fue trasladado de urgencia a un hospital de París el 27 de abril en lo que fue oficialmente descrito cono un ictus menor, Buteflika no ha aparecido o ha hablado en público, desatando una especulación generalizada de que está gravemente enfermo.

Décision de retrait de l’Istiqlal du gouvernement Le PJD sort enfin de son mutisme

20 Mayo 2013
Le Matin

Après plus d’une semaine de silence assourdissant, le Parti de la justice et du développement a enfin communiqué officiellement sur la décision du retrait de l’Istiqlal du gouvernement en mandatant Abdelali Hami Eddine pour participer, dimanche soir, à l’émission «Milaf Li Nikach» de Médi1TV. Il était grand temps ! Acteurs politiques de l’opposition et observateurs appelaient le PJD à sortir de son mutisme et à dévoiler sa vision quant à la décision de l’Istiqlal qui a secoué la coalition gouvernementale.

Minister: Over 66,000 Polling Stations Ready for Iranian Voters

19 Mayo 2013
Fars News Agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian voters will go to over 66,000 polling stations inside and outside the country on June 14 to elect their next president, Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar announced on Sunday.

Speaking at the end of a session of the central executive committee of the elections here in Tehran today, Mohammad Najjar said that his ministry is fully prepared to hold the election and has set up 1040 executive committees for the upcoming elections throughout the country.

Speculations about ministerial reshuffle in Sudan

19 Mayo 2013
Sudan Tribune

Different sources have expected a large ministerial reshuffle in Khartoum, saying that the first vice-president Ali Osman Taha might be relieved from his position.

A presidential source told Sudan Tribune on Sunday that First Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha is one of the most prominent figure that will quit the government in the upcoming reshuffle, adding he will dedicate his time as deputy chairman to the management of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP).

Asesinada en Pakistán una líder del partido político de Imran Khan

19 Mayo 2013
El País

Una fundadora del partido Tehreek I Insaf de Imran Khan, la tercera fuerza más votada en las elecciones legislativas paquistaníes de la semana pasada, ha muerto a tiros este sábado en Karachi a pocas horas de la repetición de los comicios en esta localidad paquistaní por las irregularidades de la primera ronda.

Iran’s Guardian Council extends deadline for vetting presidential hopefuls

16 Mayo 2013
Press TV

Iran's top electoral supervisory body, the Guardian Council (GC), has extended the deadline for announcing the names of approved hopefuls for the June 14 presidential race.

Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei, the spokesman for the body, said Thursday that the Guardian Council will have until the 21st of May to announce the final list of candidates.

Opinion: Will Qatar finally see legislative elections?

16 Mayo 2013
Doha News

By Hassan Abdulrahim Al-Sayed

A matter of weeks separate us from June 30, 2013, the date set by Emiri declaration (number 18 for the year 2010), for the current term of the appointed Advisory Council to end.

Will it be renewed for another term? Or will we actually witness legislative elections this year, years after the law stipulating the need for elections and the institutionalization of them was issued?

L’opposition rappelle ses 4 conditions pour une transparence électorale

16 Mayo 2013

La Coordination de l’Opposition Démocratique en Mauritanie a rappelé en conférence de presse lundi à Nouakchott ses quatre conditions pour la tenue d’élections législatives et municipales transparentes.

Les quatre conditions sont : «Une supervision politique crédible, des institutions électorales fiables, la garantie de la neutralité de l’Etat et des attributs de la puissance publique, une préparation technique suffisante».

Al-Amen President: All parties for LPR's dissolution except Ennahdha

15 Mayo 2013
Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

All the parties participating in the national dialogue have called for dissolving the Revolution Protection Leagues (LPR) expect for Ennahdha Movement which insists on keeping them," Al-Amen Party President Lazhar Bali declared on Tuesday.

"Apart from Ennahdha, all parties agreed on the need to fight violence committed by these leagues," he said.

"Today, we made a step backward," he regretted on the sidelines of the dialogue sessions, specifying that "this position will weaken us, especially as Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT)'s dialogue will start on Thursday."

Cabinet ministers resign amid standoff with MPs

15 Mayo 2013
Kuwait Times

In what appears to be the first confrontation with supposedly loyal MPs, the government boycotted the parliamentary session yesterday as all Cabinet ministers submitted their resignations to the prime minister a day after five MPs filed to grill the oil and interior ministers. National Assembly Speaker Ali Al-Rashed told reporters after a meeting with Justice Minister Shareeda Al-Maousherji that he has been informed that “Cabinet ministers submitted their resignation to the prime minister and accordingly they will not attend the Assembly session tomorrow (today)”.

Thousands Join Albanian Ruling Party’s Campaign Rally

14 Mayo 2013
Balkan Insight

Thousands of ruling party supporters gathered in Mother Theresa Square in Tirana on Monday, waving the party’s flag and chanting Berisha’s name after he walked onto the stage.

“The June 23 parliamentary elections present a big choice for Albanian citizens,” Berisha told his cheering supporters.

“Our alternative has at heart your freedom, wealth and free enterprise, while the opposition wants to raise taxes and make Albania a country that works for its government,” he said.

Iranian expatriates can vote in 120 countries for pres. election: Qashqavi

14 Mayo 2013
Press TV

Iran Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Iranian Expatriates Affairs Hassan Qashqavi says Iranian expatriates can cast their ballots for the June 14 presidential election in 120 countries.

Speaking at a meeting with the representatives of electoral executive and monitoring committees outside Iran in Tehran on Monday, he said nearly 300 polling stations have been set up abroad for Iranians to vote overseas.

UAE security trial: Session postponed until May 20

14 Mayo 2013
Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The prime suspect accused of heading a clandestine organisation that was plotting to overthrow the government defended himself in court on Tuesday.

He claimed the dispute was triggered not over the organisation’s legitimacy but over the signing of a petition asking for free elections of Federal National Council (FNC) members.

The Supreme Court’s National Security Court concluded the five-hour session by postponing deliberations until May 20, to hear the final argument from the defence attorney and from four more suspects.

Egypt opposition convenes to discuss latest updates

13 Mayo 2013
Aswat Masriya

Egypt’s main opposition alliance, the National Salvation Front, will meet on Monday to discuss the latest political and economic developments.

The NSF is also expected to discuss future work plans and strategies, the state news agency reported.

The opposition alliance intends to transform itself into a larger network with roots in every part of the country.