Electoral chronology

Datesort ascending Type Observations Results
Nov 23 2017 Local See
May 04 2017 Legislative See
Apr 17 2014 Presidential Fourth re-election of incumbent president Bouteflika, this time extremely ill. Five other candidates. Barakat organises boycott See
Nov 29 2012 Local Elections for 1,541 district councils and 48 provincial councils for a new 5-year term. Official turnout: 44%. Although the FLN won the elections by a large margin, it did not gain a majority in many councils forcing it to forge alliances. See
May 10 2012 Legislative Elections for enlarged 462 seat APN. For first time a female quota introduced, 17 new parties ran. Official turnout 42.9%. Despite apparent unpopularity, FLN wins 208 seats (more than next 11 parties combined). Elections with irregularities. See
Apr 09 2009 Presidential Bouteflika re-elected for third term with 90.24% of votes, after changing Constitution to allow him to do so. 5 other candidates shared remaining 9% of votes. Official turnout: 74.5%. Elections neither free nor fair. See
May 17 2007 Legislative Regular elections for 389 member APN. Official turnout a record low 35.5%. The FLN again won most seats by a large margin, the Presidential Alliance (FLN, RND, MSP) scoring an easy majority. Elections neither free nor fair. See
Sep 29 2005 Referendum So-called National reconciliation referendum on a Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation, drawn up to try to bring closure to the Civil War of the 90's. Official results showed an overwhelming vote in favour (97.4%) & high turnout (79.8%) See
Apr 08 2004 Presidential Bouteflika re-elected for 2nd term with massive 85% of votes. Official turnout: 58%. Five other candidates (including a seemingly competitive FLN leader Ali Benflis) shared just 15% of votes. Elections neither free nor fair. See
May 30 2002 Legislative Regular elections for 389 member APN. Polls held amid violence, major tensions in Berber regions and boycott by 5 opposition parties (as well as Berber activists). Official turnout a record low 46.2%. FLN wins absolute majority to become largest party. See