El Infitah Movement

  • Name: حركة الانفتاح (Arabic), Mouvement El Infitah (French), El Infitah Movement (English). The party's name can be translated roughly as the Opening Movement.
  • Year founded: 1997, the party was founded as the Algerian National Youth Movement. It changed its name to El Infitah before the 2007 elections.
  • Ideology: Nationalist, Progressive
  • Current leader & function: Omar Bouacha (president)
  • Number of seats in parliament (lower house): 1
  • Currently in government or in opposition: In opposition
  • Legal status: Legal political party
  • Link to official party website: Currently no party website
  • Observations: El Infitah is a minor political party previously known as the Algerian National Youth Movement. It competed unsuccessfully in the 1997 and 2002 elections before finally making it into parliament in 2007. In 2012 the party made news for attempting to recruit candidates for its party lists through advertisements in El Khabar newspaper.