National Democratic Front

  • Name:  (Arabic), Front National Démocratique (French), National Democratic Front (English)
  • Year founded: 1990 - the FND is now the third designation of the original Progressive Democratic Party founded by Sassi Mabrouk in the year multiple political parties were first allowed in Algeria. In its second lease of life the party was known as the National Constitutional Rally.
  • Ideology
  • Current leader & function: Sassi Mabrouk (president)
  • Number of seats in parliament (lower house): 1 - see observations below
  • Currently in government or in opposition: In opposition
  • Legal status: Legal political party
  • Link to official party website: Currently no party website
  • Observations: In 2012, Baha Eddine Tliba, a wealthy new arrival from the FLN was catapulted to number one on the party's list and elected as sole FND deputy in parliament. By the end of the year however, Eddine Tliba had left the FND to not only rejoin the FLN but become the deputy head of its parliamentary caucus. The FND has thus been left without any parliamentary representation.