Morocco’s Amazigh activists want to join the 2021 general elections through two political parties

Publication date: 
Jan 30 2020

Amazigh activists in Morocco have launched a new movement they called the «Amazigh Political Action Front» (APAF). «The initiative is led by several young activists from different regions of the country. Some of its members had formerly been part of the dissolved Moroccan Amazigh Democratic Party (PDAM). Our main objective is political participation», Houcine Oublih, who is a member of the initiative, said.

«Drawing lessons from the dissolution of PDAM, in 2008, and the obstacles that hindered the creation of the Tamount project, we decided to adapt by taking part to the next elections and collaborating with other political parties», he said.

«There are parties with which we share the same cultural and identity values. For example : the Popular Movement, the National Rally of Independents, the Party of Progress and Socialism and the Authenticity and Modernity Party as well as the Socialist Union of Popular Forces. We have already received positive signals from these parties following our offer», he announced.

Are RNI and PAM really interested?

In the coming days, members of the APAF are expected to meet in Rabat with the representatives of four groups. «The choice of party has not yet been decided. It will essentially depend on the nature of the proposals they are going to present to us», the APAF member said.

Another Amazigh activist, who requested anonymity revealed a less optimistic version : «The PPS, the MP and the USFP are excluded from the objectives of the APAF. Only RNI and PAM are of particular interest to them».

For the record, Aziz Akhannouch took part, alongside some famous figures from the Berber scene, to the celebration of the Amazigh New Year in Agadir on January 12, while other people in the ranks of the APAF have relations with PAM.

However, our source is based on the real interest of the two parties. «I have big doubts because the promoters of this initiative are unable to win seats in the House of Representatives or the House of Councilors. However, during the 2021 general elections, RNI and PAM are first looking for profiles that would guarantee them seats, which automatically excludes these young people», the same source concluded.